Paul Mesnager


Tunis based artist and photographer. After studying geopolitics with a focus on the Middle East in Grenoble (France), Cairo (Egypt) and Tehran (Iran), and gaining initial experience in journalism at the editorial offices of Jeune Afrique, Le Monde Diplomatique, and an independent rap media, I worked as a freelance graphic designer, notably for Arte, as well as for musical and culture projects, all while developing my photography practice. In 2022, I moved to Tunis to dedicate myself to photography. At the intersection of documentary and poetry, my work offers a critical perspective on the world. My latest project, Geography of Domination, analyzes the physical traces of the concentration of power and resources through the examination of satellite images.

Disponible du lundi au vendredi pour travailler avec vous si vous avez un projet à me proposer.

↳ Direction artistique
↳ Branding
↳ Motion design
↳ Ux/ui design
↳ Photographie
↳ Packaging

fr +33 6 03 63 50 69
tn +216 56 64 19 03​